Top 5 Happy Fathers Day Songs Video By Son, Daughter, Wife

5 Happy Fathers Day Songs Video By Son, Daughter, Wife: Yearly celebrations of fathers day are held in every family across the globe, and the first member of a family i.e. father is given an honourable salute on the behalf of this auspicious occasion. Every member of the family expresses his gratitude towards the father and offers the best wishes of the fathers day to him. Some family members give gifts; some give greeting cards to him, and some take him on a long drive or a picnic to please him by offering the sight of natural beauty. Here’re some Happy Fathers Day Songs which you can represent to your father. He’ll be very glad to hear these Happy Fathers Day Songs from you and bless you with lots of love and affection. Have the celebration of fathers day 2016 with all your family members and friends by arranging a small party and represent these Happy Fathers Day Songs in front of them so that your dad will feel proud. Share this article with your friends which contain the 5 Happy Fathers Day Songs Video By Son, Daughter, Wife in it and have an awesome celebration of the Fathers day 2017.


1)Dear Old Dad
Who can fix my broken bike?
Whose strong hands can hold me tight?
When I need someone to make things right,
It’s my dear old Dad.

2)The Mandolin Song
I remember when I was a little boy
At home on a rainy day
My father would go and he’s look in his room
And bring out his music to play
He’d open his case and play us a tune
For me and the family
And the sound was so clear and full of life
As I played a harmony.

3)Happy Father’s Day to You (<<Source)
Dad I’m sending you this letter to let you know
I’ve been thinking ’bout you
All the kids at school are ready for the holidays
That’s when I really miss you
If it’s not too much to ask
Could you call me or write me back
There’s a special day I’m celebrating
And hoping you’d come back

4)This Is To My Father
This Is To My Father,
My Father,
My Father.
This Is To My Father,
The Best Father Of All.
He Is Happy
He Is Jolly
I Love Him My Golly.
OH, This Is To My Father
The Best Father Of All.

5)Daddy Daddy
Daddy, daddy let me say
I love you in every way
I love you for all you do
I love you for being you
Daddy, Daddy let me say
Have a happy Father’s Day!(<<Source)

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