April Fools Day Origin History Facts | April Fool 2017 Ideas

April Fools Day Origin History Facts | April Fool 2017 Ideas: The History of April Fool is unknown: around its birth, in fact, have developed several theories.One of the most credible hypothesis refers to the Gregorian reform of the calendar. Until 1582, the New Year was celebrated between March 25 and April 1. Following the reform by Pope Gregory XIII, the New Year was moved to January. But not everyone got used to the change and were then immediately held up as the ” April fools. ” Hence the matrix burlesque of the first of April.

April Fools Day Origin

Then there is an ‘ other theory much older, which links the origin of April Fool’s party to a period prior to 154. C. To act as a liaison is always the New Year at the time, in fact, April 1 marked the beginning of the year. And the same thing happened in the Julian calendar (introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BC) were April 1 indicated the ‘ beginning of the spring solstice. To celebrate the end of winter the pagans used to propitiate the gods with gifts and sacrifices in their honor. Good Friday Whatsapp Status

The party was also an opportunity to express themselves in complete freedom with jokes, pranks, antics. When the church suppressed the party establishing the beginning of January 1st, the old tradition, however, continued to survive among the Gentiles, who were laughed at this and scherniti. CiĆ² that is certain is that in Europe, the celebrations of the first April’s become customary around the end of 1500: King Charles IX of France and Germany Habsburg to give away. From these two countries, the tradition spread to England (in the eighteenth century) and in the other European states. In Italy the custom of the first of April is relatively recent, dating back to 1860-1880. the first city to be plagued by the customs side of the Alps was Genoa, an important trading port. The tradition was developed first among the middle and upper classes, then took a foothold among the rest of the population.

April Fools Day History

The first of April, a party is not only Italian. It is a tradition with shades and different names, is celebrated in much of the world.
In France it is called poisson d’avril and recalls the image of the sun at the end of March, leaving the sign of Pisces to enter Aries.
In England and in the USA on the other hand, we use the expression April fool’s day (April Fool’s Day), where the term fool refers to the sprite of the medieval courts to emphasize the playful connotation of the party.
In Scotland, however, the April Fool lasts for two days on the second day, called taily day (day of the buttocks), the Scots have fun attacking the backside of gawk, the fool, a sign that says kick me (take me to kicks).

Even in Southeast Asia, there are traces of this event: the date, however, is different. In India for example, the dances begin the month before, on March 31 during a secular holiday called huli which is standard practice to make fun of making acquaintances make their adventures useless.

April Fool 2017 Ideas

On the other side of the world, however, must wait until the end of the year. Indeed, the first April Fool goes back to 40. C. even Cleopatra, Mark Antony when challenged in a fishing competition. On that occasion, in fact, the Roman general tried to be clever, instructing a servant to attack the bait big game that he would win, but the Queen, discovered the plan, he gave orders to take the bait fish in a big fake crocodile skin.

April Fools Day Origin History Facts | April Fool 2017 Ideas April Fools Day Origin History Facts | April Fool 2017 Ideas April Fools Day Origin History Facts | April Fool 2017 Ideas

Here is revealed the mystery of the custom to stick on the back of an unsuspecting person a fish out of paper!

Expressions that relate to fish:

Being a fish out of water : feel uncomfortable in a certain situation or in a given environment

Do the fish in a barrel : remain neutral between two opposing parties

I do not know what to do : Do not know which party to cling

Take a fish in the face : to treat someone with unkind ways and villains

Throw a fish on something : seize upon a favorable opportunity

Being a big fish or a small fish : play a primary or secondary role

Being neither fish nor fowl : in person or thing without character

The guests are like fish, stink after three days : take a guest in your home is not convenient because they often create problems of coexistence, especially if the stay lasts for several days.

The big fish eats the small one : (Romans said piscem VORAT maior minorem ): facing the overwhelming power and arrogance used by the stronger, the weak succumbs forever.

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