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What is Good Friday/ Holy Friday | Why we Celebrate?

What is Good Friday/ Holy Friday | Why we Celebrate?: Good Friday or can be called Holy Friday, a festival day where Christian family enjoys love with their family members. A day when Jesus was crucified on the cross. But gain after 3 days the Jesus was born again. It was about Jesus was seen by people, son of god was back on palm Sunday. This palm Sunday is celebrated with friends and family. The day is celebrated like new world living is reborn for people. Like Jesus was reborn (<< the Complete story of Resurrection of Jesus), we should also help people who needed help. Funny Good Friday Memes

Below are the some of messages and quotes on Good Friday you can share them with your friends and family. Share them with your friends and family members and on social media accounts like facebook twitter etc.


Why is it called Good Friday or Holy Friday?

A few stories say that Good Friday created from a more established name of the day which was ‘God’s Friday’.


Different stories say that it is called Good Friday on the grounds that regardless of the misery and demise of Jesus, it was the day that denoted the zenith of God’s arrangement to spare his kin from their sins. Also Read My views over it here Good Friday Meaning for Christians. Good Friday Images

What is Good Friday/ Holy Friday | Why we Celebrate?


Another source says that it is great since it brought the delight of Easter and gave individuals absolution and salvation, and as it prompted the Resurrection it denotes Jesus’ triumph over death and sin. Check out these cards made on Jesus and Life relations at Good Friday Blessing cards.

What’s more, a last fluctuating story says that the word great used to mean heavenly thus Good Friday alludes to a day saw as sacred by the Church.


Why is Good Friday celebrated?

Great Friday is a critical day of the year in the Christian date-book since it celebrates what we accept to be the most pivotal weekend. Jesus was executed yet He enthusiastically languished and passed on over our wrongdoings, was covered, and was raised to life on the third day. It is trailed by Easter, the festival of the day Jesus was raised from the dead. Forgive us for any mistake god Good Friday Blessing prayers.

What is Good Friday/ Holy Friday | Why we Celebrate?


Why don’t we eat meat on Good Friday?

In spite of the fact that the Bible does not oblige anybody to keep away from meat, There is a whole research and debate over this topic, just have a look over it here. Christians abstain from eating meat on Good Friday as an image of penance and respect Jesus for the penance He made for us on the cross. we also have posted some Good Friday Blessing quotes to share good thoughts over good Friday.

What is Good Friday/ Holy Friday | Why we Celebrate?


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